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Purely Legal is your go to law firm for Landlord Tenant matters in Florida, Maryland and Washington, D.C. At Purely Legal, we have extensive experience representing both landlords and tenants in evictions. As a result, we have some insight into the defenses either side may raise. If you are a landlord, a simple mistake in your eviction notice can delay the eviction process and potentially result in additional loss of income. As a tenant, without adequate representation, you could lose your home, pay more rent than you owe in an eviction, and/or have an eviction on your credit history that prevents you from renting in the future. Our attorneys are also skilled in ensuring each party to a lease complies with their obligations.

Commercial Evictions

Purely Legal is your Orlando Area Commercial Eviction Law firm. With experience representing both landlords and tenants in disputes regarding commercial property, the Purely Legal recognizes the problems that may occur. The attorneys make every attempt to find an amicable resolution for out clients through negotiations and settlement. However, our attorneys are prepared to pursue litigation if necessary to accomplish our client’s goals. Our attorneys are prepared to handle your Florida Commercial Eviction or Washington, D.C. Commercial Eviction matters including, but not limited to:

  • Disputes over security deposits
  • Evictions for nonpayment of rent
  • Lease Review and Drafting
  • Breach of contract obligations
  • Eviction notice review

Residential Evictions

The law grants certain rights to both landlords and tenants. At Purely Legal, our attorneys have experience protecting the rights of both parties. For landlords, our attorneys do our best to handle an eviction in an expedient manner. For tenants, our attorneys can review your case to identify potential defenses to ensure you are not taken advantage of. Our attorneys in Orlando and Washington, D.C. handle residential eviction matters including, but not limited to:

  • Evictions for nonpayment
  • Property damage
  • Security deposit disputes
  • Defaults other than nonpayment
  • Eviction notice review

Lease Review and Drafting

Most people do not think of a renting a property as a business decision. But, a lease – whether commercial or residential – is a contract between two or more parties. Whether you are a landlord who is renting your first property or one-hundredth property, or a tenant looking for a place to live or start a business, you should always make sure your interests are protected. Our Florida Landlord Tenant attorneys and Washington, D.C. Landlord Tenant attorneys are here to review or draft your commercial or residential leases. Give us a call to schedule your free consultation.



Our attorneys recognize that matters involving family members are extremely sensitive situations.


The workplace is where a person spends a good majority of their time.



The workplace is where a person spends a good majority of their time.



The workplace is where a person spends a good majority of their time.